How to root APC Rock(v1.01.02)

Please make sure you had download and reflash APC Rock OS version 1.01.02
In this procedure you can get root function and pre-install the Super Manager, Terminal Emulator; it doesn’t need to run the rebooting during the processing.

Download the package APC Rock v1_01_02 Root_2.0.7z

1. Power on AE (windows xp or 7 platform) and APC Rock (Android platform) and to enable the USB Debugging function on APC Rock;

2. Connect AE with Rock by ADB cable (non-OTG) and correctly install ADB driver on AE;

3. You can execute command ” ADB devices” in APC Rock v1_01_02 Root_2.0 folder in CMD window to check if ADB link works or not.

4. Double left click the “TPSparkyRoot.bat” in APC Rock v1_01_02 Root_2.0 folder on AE, it will show
below message. Once you saw below message press any key to continue after 5 sec;


5. Please observe below message; continue if shows uid and gid are 0(root) / root, otherwise press the ctrl+c to cancel and start over again;


6. It will show below message on AE; please press any key to finish this procedure. The device
will reboot automatically once.


7. Enable the root function on Android:
Method 1) You can enable the root function under Super Manager (for general user);


Method 2) You can enable the root function under Terminal Emulator (for power user);


If would like to write or delete file on /system folder (default RO), you have to beforehand execute the “mount -o remount,rw /system” command under /system/bin folder changing
it from RO to RW.


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