How to root APC Rock(v1.01.02)

Please make sure you had download and reflash APC Rock OS version 1.01.02
In this procedure you can get root function and pre-install the Super Manager, Terminal Emulator; it doesn’t need to run the rebooting during the processing.

Download the package APC Rock v1_01_02 Root_2.0.7z

1. Power on AE (windows xp or 7 platform) and APC Rock (Android platform) and to enable the USB Debugging function on APC Rock;

2. Connect AE with Rock by ADB cable (non-OTG) and correctly install ADB driver on AE;

3. You can execute command ” ADB devices” in APC Rock v1_01_02 Root_2.0 folder in CMD window to check if ADB link works or not.

4. Double left click the “TPSparkyRoot.bat” in APC Rock v1_01_02 Root_2.0 folder on AE, it will show
below message. Once you saw below message press any key to continue after 5 sec;


5. Please observe below message; continue if shows uid and gid are 0(root) / root, otherwise press the ctrl+c to cancel and start over again;


6. It will show below message on AE; please press any key to finish this procedure. The device
will reboot automatically once.


7. Enable the root function on Android:
Method 1) You can enable the root function under Super Manager (for general user);


Method 2) You can enable the root function under Terminal Emulator (for power user);


If would like to write or delete file on /system folder (default RO), you have to beforehand execute the “mount -o remount,rw /system” command under /system/bin folder changing
it from RO to RW.


How to get booting data on console mode?

If you don’t know what is the console mode, please first see the “How to access console or u-boot” post; If you have already understood and would like to get the booting data on console mode for engineer debugging, please follow below steps.

1. Download the “TeraTerm v4.78 or later utility, and then properly install it on your x86 (winxp or win7)
2. Set the correct COM port number and 115200 baud rate in Setup – Serial port menu as below image:

3. Set the correct path and check Auto start logging in Setup – Additional settings – Log menu as below image

4. Click the Save setup item in setup menu to update and overwrite the TERATERM.INI file once;
5. Close and restart the Tera Term console window;
6. It’s ready now for backup the APC’s booting data into teraterm.log file. These data will be saved
immediately from APC turn on under console mode