How to use Play Store with APC Rock(New Firmware 1.1.2)

This is under testing, if you are interested welcome to try.

Make sure you have install Android OS 4.0 (Rock Version : 1.1.2)

Download installation file from here

1. Power on on both APC Rock and AE (your notebook/pc with windows xp or 7 platform) and enable the USB Debugging function on APC Rock.
2. Connect APC Rock with AE by ADB cable (non-OTG) and correctly install ADB driver on AE.
3. Make sure of the ADB link work well ( you can execute the “ADB devices” command in Android4_Store_xxx folder with CMD window to check)
4. Double left clicks the “TPSparkyRoot.bat” in  Android4_Store_xxx folder on AE, it will show below message; press any key to continue after 5sec…


5. After 4. you will see the screen shows uid-0 and gid-0 are  (root) / root, otherwise press the ctrl+c to cancel and restart this procedure again.


6. It will show below message on AE; please press any key to finish this procedure. The device will reboot automatically once.


7. If need you can change the display mode of mobile app on desktop panel from abnormal portrait to normal landscape with Smart Rotator.